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Sexy Little Thing// Georgia +Texas Boudoir

I am so excited to announce that I will now be offering Boudoir photography in addition to Wedding, Engagement, Maternity and Senior portraits!! In the past I have hosted 2 events a year where several ladies could book at once, but because I have so many ladies interested at so many different times of the year I decided it might be a nice idea to offer it year round on an individual basis to any and all of those interested

Here is what you need to know about me before you consider investing in boudoir photography.

The Photographer: 

About five years ago I attended a workshop taught by Sue Brice, A well-known and absolutely fabulous portrait/boudoir photographer! She taught me how to properly pose all types of women along with making them feel beautiful and sexy! I have since, been smitten with boudoir photography, and decided to run with it! After the first event was a success I decided to offer it to some of my Lubbock, Amarillo and Augusta clients…then boom here we are! I am not some random chick with a camera who thinks she can just wing it and then have you receive your images and feel less than satisfied. I am a professional and I take pride in how I handle my boudoir clients, because just like me, they are women and as women it is hard to be half naked in front of a total stranger. I mean, am I right? Boudoir is NOT just another photos session, it is an experience that EVERY WOMAN deserves and should have once( if not a few times) in their life. It is something that should be an investment in yourself!

The Experience:

When you choose to have your boudoir photos done by me I can not only guarantee that you will feel comfortable around me  but you will LOVE the way you look and feel! (not too sound too much like a television ad, but) Don’t take my word for it..Read some testimonials from my past boudoir clients:

“What a fantastic experience! Alex was fun, encouraging and attentive during my boudoir shoot from start to finish! She makes you feel like you are being photographed by your best friend! I can’t wait to work with her in the future!”  -Kristen

” Seeing those pictures of myself was very empowering. I’ve been insecure about the weight I’ve gained after my wedding, but seeing that I can still be sexy and beautiful really boosted my confidence!” – Jennifer



The cost of a boudoir experience with me is $500 and includes the following:

  • Professional Hair and Makeup
  • Champagne
  • 45-60 minute photo session with me
  • Up to 30 images in a private online gallery
  • 6X6 Little black book album ( 16 pages)


  • $75 to upgrade to an 8X8 Leather or Glass image covered album ( 20 spreads)
  • $20 to add an 8X10 print
  • $50 to add a 16X24 print




The Q + A:

What should I wear? 

My top recommendations on what to wear include 3 things:

1.) Something that makes YOU feel sexy

2.) Something that HE thinks is sexy ( if for your husband)

3.) Something unique or new!

This is the fun part! Here a few ideas to get you started:

– An old cap of his that he wears all the time.

– one of his favorite t- shirts or YOUR favorite t shirts

– Your wedding veil( if you are getting married)

-One of his baseball/basketball/sports jerseys from college or club league.

– pearls….lots and lots of pearls!

– knee high tights

– lingerie(babydoll dresses- themed outfits… you know those halloween costumes that are just a liiiittle too raunchy .. yea those!)

– cowboy boots and daisy dukes

– a silky robe

– a boa

– One of his ties

This should be enough to get your mind going!

Q: Who will be at my session/How private is it?

A: your session will be me, the makeup artist and you. When shooting it will just be you and I in the room. complete privacy. You will only see The makeup/hair artist when you change your look or for touch ups.

Q:What is up with the high cost? 

A:Please keep in mind that I am a professional providing a service that is part of my livelihood and that I am not using a point and shoot camera in a poorly lit room. I am providing professional hair and makeup and a well lit space to conduct your session. I am charged to use facilities and to have the hair and makeup available. I am providing several images for you to have and use at your discretion; images that I have taken the time to edit individually to insure your satisfaction. I want you to feel like you are getting an actual  enjoyable experience rather than a sketchy one!

Q: When do I pay for my session?

A: You will pay a $100 retainer fee to hold your spot which will also go toward your session, and you will pay the remaining balance at the session. The retainer fee is NON refundable

Q: What if I have an area(s) that i want touched up or don’t like very much:/? 

A: First thing is first, and I am going to be blunt about this…. if there are areas that you are not particularly fond of(ex. tummy area) I would not bring pose ideas that involve showing a full frontal tummy…Second,  I promise I will pose you in a way that is most flattering to accentuate what you would like accentuated and hide what you want hidden:) Third  I personally hand edit each individual image to ensure smooth lines and color correction:)!


Any and all other questions can be sent to my email

If you would like to book a session with me please email me or give me a call at 806.382.0367






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